Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Sometimes it just not a simple water damage

This customer called us with what would seem to some, a simple water damage. We arrived on site and did our inspection and what we found surprised the home owne... READ MORE

What's that smell?

You never know what is lurking behind you kitchen sink and cabinets. This customer had was seem to be initially a small leak. They thought nothing of it really ... READ MORE

Homeowner repair gone wrong

This customer did their own repair hoping to save money and time. They though they had dried it properly. Six months later SERVPRO of Milwaukie Happy Valley rec... READ MORE

Mold strikes in Happy Valley

Homeowner noticed musty smell in one area of home. He immediately called SERVPRO of Milwaukie Happy Valley, we rushed out to assist in the discovery of the orig... READ MORE

Clackamas Establishment does Mold Remediation

During a scheduled upgrade and remodel of the business, mold was found inside of the walls. Their management took immediate action and called SERVPRO of Milwauk... READ MORE


Mold Sealant. (Encapsulating Mold) Mold sealant is a paint-like substance designed to seal a moldy surface from which the mold cannot be fully removed, like woo... READ MORE