Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Hose Bib

Home owner had an exterior hose bib that developed a leak resulting in water intrusion on the interior of his home causing wet floors and drywall. In the before... READ MORE

Water damage in Kitchen

This water damaged kitchen is in Clackamas. We received a call from the home owner in extreme distress. We responded right away and we were on site with in 30 m... READ MORE

Wet Drywall- Peeling paint

Wet drywall can cause the layers of paint to start to peel. It does not need to be completely saturated either, as long as water is able to squeeze its way behi... READ MORE

Hallway affected

In this photo, these beautiful hardwood floors have been affected by water damage. The equipment you see here are called Hardwood floor drying mats. They force ... READ MORE

Water Damage

This basement was a victim of water damage. Here in this picture you can see the extent of the damage, a water leak from the top floor found its way to the base... READ MORE

Milwaukie Water Damage

This home owner had a water damage in Milwaukie, the source was a main supply line to the sink in the kitchen. We were called out and responded within 1 hour, i... READ MORE

Saved The Hardwood!

Water Damage in Happy Valley, this water damage affected several rooms in this home, but the entry and kitchen had hardwood, customer was frantic to save them s... READ MORE